We are celebrating our 10th anniversary this year!

With a store located on Boulevard Pierre-Bertrand in Quebec City, GESTOCK specializes, among other things, as a Manufacturer, Wholesaler and Retailer of work, corporate, uniforms and safety equipment. We also specialize in promotional and creative event products. We put forward the promotion of events with innovative ideas at the cutting edge of the latest trends. We can also do the design and the conception of a garment or a complete collection at a price equivalent to series clothes. Always with the aim of simplifying your life, we can also store and manage your inventory as well as ensure distribution through your network. Find out about our private online stores.

GESTOCK experiences strong growth every year. In 2014, we proceeded with an expansion by doubling the store area. In 2018, Gestock once again increased its surface area in stores, as well as that of its warehouse. Since its creation, the company has developed its expertise in the research and design of products adapted to its customers, which has taken a lot of time and investment to find manufacturers who meet the expectations of GESTOCK and its customers. Now that its network of contacts has grown, the company is ready to take it to the next level.

In September 2017, GESTOCK set up an up-to-date online store with the same aggressive pricing policy as its store. GESTOCK can now reach consumers in the province of Quebec.
GESTOCK has surrounded itself with key employees who have the company at heart and who are part of today’s winning recipe. By the same token, the strong core that has allowed GESTOCK to develop and be what it is today are the current shareholders and managers who founded the company and who came together 8 years ago. years.
Let Gestock surprise you …

Our Mission

Promote and encourage the use of corporate and work clothing, uniforms, safety equipment, promotional and event items.

Our Vision

Initially, it was to become the reference and a leader in this field in Quebec and we believe we have achieved it. From the very beginning, the company has advocated providing quality products at a competitive price, emphasizing customer service, possibly making acquisitions to accelerate its growth and this is currently the key to our success.


Andrew Buijs

Director of Business Development. 21 years of experience at Louis Garneau Sports in the field of production, coordination and sales. 3 years as a manufacturer and importer in textiles and promotions.

Dany Violette

Sales manager. 10 years of experience in personnel management and catering, 8 years as a manufacturer and importer in textiles and promotions.

Christian Thériault

Managing Director, (MBA). 35 years of experience as director of operations, controller, accountant, director of finance and administration. 10 years of experience as a retail store owner, wholesaler and distributor in the field of textiles, footwear and safety equipment.